Plum blossoms in rain

plum blossoms on a rainy day

I’m in major avoidance from work just now, looking for things to do that have nothing to do with what I actually need to do—hey! I know! I think I’ll post a picture!


oregon grape leaves in the rain

Leaf and hose


ginko leaf on hose reel

I really like the combination of shapes and colours in this photo; I was delighted when I downloaded the images and saw how it had turned out. It’s a ginko leaf, fallen onto a hose reel, photographed in between periods of rain.

The diva, after the rain

pink tulip after rain 1

It rained yesterday. Well, more accurately, it rained, it hailed, the sun came out, and then it did it all over again. More than once.

I got some pictures of the pink tulip in one of the sunny interruptions between nastier weather. It had closed right up from the day before, and I don’t blame it a bit.

pink tulip after rain 2

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