Dew on leaves

Or raindrops. It’s all much of a muchness.


Yellow pansies with raindrops

closeup of yellow pansy with raindrops 1

On the whole I prefer the pansies with varied colours, but even monochromatic yellow has its charm when sprinkled with diamonds.

closeup of yellow pansy with raindrops 2

Being indecisive

waterdrop on branch

Two versions of the same image, one cropped more extremely, because I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I like the overall effect and compositional balance of the first one, but it didn’t show the details in the water drop as well.

closeup of waterdrop on branch

Somber strawberries

underexposed image of raindrops on a pink strawberry flower

This photo was an accident—it’s a heavily underexposed photo of a pink strawberry flower. But I liked the effect of what it did to the colours, and the rich glow of the highlights, so I decided to keep it.

Lovely draperies

raindrops on daisy petals

Mostly I try to fight the shasta daisies back, as they’re pretty aggressive about spreading, but I do let some bloom. A bunch fell over recently, the stems apparently overcome by the weight of the flowers. Which explains why this doesn’t look very daisy-like: it was taken at an odd angle.

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