Being indecisive

waterdrop on branch

Two versions of the same image, one cropped more extremely, because I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I like the overall effect and compositional balance of the first one, but it didn’t show the details in the water drop as well.

closeup of waterdrop on branch

maple leaf under water, curly willow reflecting

The pond is rising

partially submerged wooden walkway

It rises every winter, actually, and in summer drops to mostly mud. That’s just what it does. But this year it’s as high as I’ve seen it; and the walkway that keeps one above water and the squishy bits on the east side is largely under water and requires rubber boots and considerable care to navigate. Maybe we need to raise it a bit. (But oh, the reflections!)

The red canoe

red canoe floating in morning light

This is an old beater of a fiberglass canoe locked to a railing along a public waterfront walkway. I will admit to being a canoe snob, having had some experience with them, and it’s not a canoe I would want, being heavy, slow, and lowslung in the water. But I imagine it’s there so that someone can go out to check crab traps in the sheltered harbour, or fish, or maybe paddle to the island across the way. And for that it’s a perfectly good canoe.

Leaving it on the shingle below high water mark has some risks when tides and winds coincide to make things a little rough. The week before when I saw it, it was pretty much submerged. This time there was less water in it, but still quite a bit of beach shingle slopping about inside it along with the water.

But oh my, how beautiful against the morning light.

red canoe and brilliant water


dawn sky and reflections in the ocean
And then there’s the little wispy bits of mist…

As I’ve said in other posts, the one benefit of getting up at sparrowfart in order to travel without wasting a whole day is that you get to see the dawn. And take pictures of it. So here are the pictures.

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Autumn fogs

golden retriever standing in calm ocean, fog in background
Our Dog doesn’t care if it’s foggy—as long as there’s water to stand in.

One of the things I love about autumn on the west coast is the fogs. Oh, they can make the days dull and grey, but they also leave everything festively strewn with tiny glorious glittering drops. And when you get both sun and fog—well.   Continue reading “Autumn fogs”

Leaf on water

leaf on water

Well, the drought is certainly over. The question is whether we’ll see enough moments when it’s not raining to get yard work done before next summer. Right now that’s looking iffy.

But actually it did stop for a while today, so I managed to get out for a dogwalk and take a few pictures. Unsurprisingly, the pictures all involve water. Here’s the first one.

Rock and reflection

rock and reflections

This is to soothe us after that rather unsettling previous post.

I’m actually more taken by the abstract shapes of the lighter areas than the rock itself.

Prospecting for gold

puddles on golden seaweed

Looks like I found it, doesn’t it?

But it’s really the effect of low late-day light and a touch of over-exposure in my settings. I’ve changed the overall setting to manual and every once in a while forget to make all the adjustments I need to, or the lighting in the wee monitor tricks me. Many more over- and under-exposed images, but some turn out interestingly, like this one.

It’s water puddled in the ripples on yellowish seaweed. Here’s another, but the puddles here have collected sand and the seaweed is brown.

puddles on brown seaweed

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