The last day of February

Where did the time go? Well, some of it went to walking in the woods.

winter alders
Light and shadow and it’s still wintery enough for the light to be all golden.

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trees reflecting in water between ice and rock…on the pond. It hasn’t quite frozen solid, so the open spots and edges have some interesting photographic potential.

rock showing under ice

Happy solstice

blue water drop

My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?

green water drop
(Quote from David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas)

Reflections in a soggy yard

rock reflecting in water
This rock is normally not edged with pond.

In winter the pond gets kind of aggressive and the land around it gets soggy. This soggy. (Note to self: replace that boardwalk thingie, the fact that it’s too waterlogged to float is Not a Good Sign.)

half sunken boardwalk

This is the corner that got walloped by the pine and fir; these pictures were taken a few days previously. Not sure how much will have survived the walloping to make pretty reflections.

reflection of trees in water 1

reflections of trees in water 2

Cold light

tree reflecting in ice on slough

I’m behind in my intentions—this is the first post of 2014. Oh well. Taken a few weeks ago when it was colder and there was white stuff around. A good photo to start the year with, as it’s basically all about light.

Being indecisive

waterdrop on branch

Two versions of the same image, one cropped more extremely, because I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I like the overall effect and compositional balance of the first one, but it didn’t show the details in the water drop as well.

closeup of waterdrop on branch

The pond is rising

partially submerged wooden walkway

It rises every winter, actually, and in summer drops to mostly mud. That’s just what it does. But this year it’s as high as I’ve seen it; and the walkway that keeps one above water and the squishy bits on the east side is largely under water and requires rubber boots and considerable care to navigate. Maybe we need to raise it a bit. (But oh, the reflections!)

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