Today’s garden harvest

roughskin newt

Definitely not edible, but kinda cute. I was digging up a small fern that had popped up where I didn’t want a fern, and it fell out of the foliage. It’s a roughskin newt. You can just see a little of its flaming orange underside below the chin. (The warning that I’M POISONOUS DO NOT EAT ME.)

It was cold and sluggish to the point of near immobility when I first picked it up, but the warmth of my hand made it rather lively quite quickly. So¬†taking a picture consisted of kneeling¬†on pea gravel (ouch) trying to hold the camera with one hand while using the other to keep it corralled long enough to snap a couple of shots. (An interesting challenge when trying to avoid camera shake.) This isn’t a great image, but it was the best I got.

We’ve seen these little guys a few times before, and last summer I’m pretty sure I saw one laying eggs in our pond. So go, newts! They’re nice little neighbours to have around.


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