Solstice and strawberry moon

moonrise over the ocean

Yesterday I went down to a beach just after 5 am and watched the solstice sunrise with friends. There were seals, possibly an otter, a hummingbird, and passing orcas. There was a faint sundog to one side of the rising sun.

In the evening I mediated and watched the full moon rise just before 9:30. There were seals, an eagle in the tree above us, drummers on the other point, and a collection of people who are good to spend time with.

Solstice and strawberry moon, all at once. I’m told that it will be 70 years till it happens again. I made a conscious decision not to take a camera, in order to be in the moment, but I took some snaps with my phone.

The world is a beautiful place, especially where we live.

Today’s walk

…was rather nice, considering it rained for some of the time.

We found mushrooms. (This one was about 8 or 9 inches in diameter.)

mushroom in ferns

We found a strange white fungus on a tree trunk, oozing liquid.

white fungus

We found autumn leaves, of course.

maple leaves

We found the edge between sandstone and cedar.

cedar growing on big rock

We found apples!


We found one of the most beautiful nurse logs I’ve ever seen.

nurse log

We found the vegetation at the edge of the marsh, all in layers.

edge of the marsh

We found autumn leaves in the cleft of a rock.

maple leaves in cleft in rock

We found a very good time with friends.

Out of focus

out of focus photo of puddle in crack in rock

Sometimes out of focus photos just look good. I quite liked this one.

And this is what it looked like in focus… I liked it that way too.

puddle in crack in rock

Streaky mystery

beach scene

There’s nothing particularly unusual about this picture, it’s just another a scenic beach shot. But when I looked at the photo, what caught my eye were those streaky light effects in the shadow behind the sandstone formation. Now I’ve had light effects appear on shots in the past, they tend to happen when the angle of camera lens is in a particular relationship to the angle of the sun—but I can’t account for the light streaks only appearing in the shadow. That’s a new one on me.

At the beach

blue eyed mary

Just a short ramble, but lots to see, starting with the blue-eyed mary growing on the outcroppings.


Along with a lot of other plants. I do like the patterns made by the mix of sandstone and vegetation.


But just plain rock is nice too.

orange flower

This is kind of paintbrushy, but I don’t think it really is paintbrush. Or maybe it is.

orange flowers

Whatever, there was a lot of it.

Not bad for wandering along a hundred feet or so of foreshore.


sandstone concretion with lichens

An oddity—there usually isn’t this kind of colour differentiation between concretions and the surrounding sandstone. The orangish lichens give it a very idiosyncratic look.

Green things

green algae on sandstone

This is why we don’t walk on the sandstone shelves at the beach very often in winter. It’s pretty, but the algae is very, very, very slippery.

algae bubbles

And this is downright scary. This was a freshwater seep (well, it flowed considerably more than seeped) running over the rocks, and it had a whole different but equally green ecosystem.

Crumply ice

crumply ice on sandstone

More pictures from the batch I took some days ago—it’s looking like that may be the last (and only) ice that I see this year.

more crumply ice on sandstone

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