Ice shadows

Some last pictures of the snow before it melts.

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shadow of fern on arbutus trunk

From a recent walk.

fir trunk seen through needles

shadow of knot on old wood

shadows on arbutus trunk

shadow of branch on alder trunk

shadow of bracken on old wood

Shadows on stone

shadows on stone

shadows on stone

shadows on stone

There’s a new trail I discovered this fall, and it’s one that wasn’t there in the spring. I know this because in the spring I tried to follow it, and it was only a deer trail. It’s not very long, just a connector between other trails.

But it has a glacial erratic ten feet high part way through it, and the trail winds round it. I took these pictures a few days ago.

Late-year light

long shadows

“Stop!” I said. “I must take a picture of these shadows!”

It was the contrast in colours inside and outside of the shadows that caught my eye. Even in late morning, the sun is low in the skies these days.

Things we toss away

moneyplant leaves with light and shadows

I tossed old stalks from a money plant some months ago, while clearing out Things That Might Attract a Crazy Teenage Cat. The intention was to move them to the compost (yes, I’d removed the seeds). They’re still there, outside the door. And they’re still pretty.

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