Ice shadows

Some last pictures of the snow before it melts.

snow melting in stream Continue reading “Ice shadows”



path through snow

We’ve had rather a lot of it, haven’t we? Today it’s raining and the snow is super-saturated and heavy (this is the Voice of Experience speaking, as I went out and shovelled) and it’s altogether miserable and nasty. And yes, I know that it will melt, but it WILL MELT A LOT FASTER if one shovels. Continue reading “Weather”

Time for a walk

frost on windshield

Well, it’s a cold day, that’s for sure.

ice pellets on branches

Ice pellets everywhere! Evidently they didn’t turn into freezing rain last night—and a sheet of ice—as they did where we live.

ice pellets and frozen drops on branch

Quite lovely on the branches: pellets and frozen drops.

ice pellets on dead leaf

ice pellets on snow

Quite lovely everywhere, actually.


Nice crunchy trails in places.

ice on puddle

And the first puddle ice I’ve seen!

Really, one couldn’t ask for a prettier day for a walk.

trail with dog

Snow without destruction

snow on everything around pond

Thought I should post some pictures of less catastrophic things so that it’s clear it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

duck track on pond
Those would be duck tracks. It was just like watching wee icebreakers.
snow on snake fence
Snow on snake fencing is always pretty.
snowy trees framed by roof edge with snow hanging off it
Snow hanging from a roof can be pretty too, if a little more immediately threatening.
house surrounded by tall, snow-covered trees
This is why we were a little twitchy on Monday.



Snow events

looking through patio door to fallen trees

Monday Feb 24, noon:

This is the current view from our dining room patio doors. I just watched these trees crashing down from the neighbouring lot—more exciting dining entertainment than I usually get at lunchtime. I guess the fence repairs this year will be more significant than usual.

I’m so very glad they didn’t come down 30 degrees to the right, or I would be wearing the skylight.

And it’s still snowing. Hard.


Tuesday February 25th, late afternoon

So.. what has been happening in our neck of the woods?

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Floopy snow

drops from melting snow catching light

It’s snowing again. I was inside working today instead of outside taking pictures, so I’m posting pictures from the Previous Snow. It was a floopy snow; big soft lolloping lumps on everything.

snow on pine needles

Floopy and dangly at times.

snow hanging from pine needles

And kinda cuddly, in a chilly sort of way.

snow on moss on rock

snow on split rail fence

Snow on leaves

light between snow-covered salal leaves

More pix from the snow. It was lovely and light and fluffy and sat on all the salal in a kind of friendly, lumpy way.

snow on blackberry leaf
There are blackberries coming up through the salal. Sigh. Oh well, they’re pretty when they’re not actively stabbing me and colonizing the whole yard.
snow on salal
More salal. It’s pretty too.
snow on red heather
Okay, it wasn’t all snow on leaves. Some on flowers.
snow on strawberry plant
Hang in there, little strawberry plant!

I’m not finished with snow yet

snow on bushes reflected in slough
Snow looks good in sun…

All the snow is long gone, but that doesn’t mean the photos of it are.

rising sun through trees
And sun looks good in snow.
snow on post
It’s not like we got a LOT of snow. But it’s aesthetic in its deposits.
cherry tree in snow reflected in pond
Look, cherry blossoms! …or not.


After the snow

snow covered yard and pond
Very, very pretty!

So this is what our yard looked like early this morning. The air was much warmer than it’s been and the snow that fell was soft and wetter. Interestingly, the warmth seemed to give everything a browner cast—it’s not just the way the camera shot it. Perhaps it was the effect of melting snow on the pond ice.

snow hanging from underside of branches
Isn’t snow supposed to sit on TOP of branches?

Lots of things to take pictures of, in any case.

patterns of fencing against snow
Snow plus badly strung garden fencing—a silver lining! interesting patterns!
prayer flags hung on garden netting
The prayer flags around the garden have gained back some colour by comparison.


Before the snow

looking down at feet on very narrow snow-covered trail between salal
Feets, don’t fail me now.

Yes, I know, that’s snow on the ground. But it’s last week’s snow, still hanging about and getting a bit grubby. I just threw all my snow pictures promiscuously together, whaddaya gonna do about it?

Anyway. The broken foot has meant I haven’t been doing much any walking to speak of for the last couple of months, but I’m trying to get going again. I have to walk slowly and take shorter strides and constantly remind myself to PAY ATTENTION in order to avoid limping*, but I am beginning to gain back strength and flexibility and what could in the most clinical medical terms be described as oomph in my foot. (I can actually walk down stairs with both feet now, sometimes without hanging on to the rail—a triumph!)

I decided that trail walking is probably actually very good for the foot, as it forces all those little muscles to compensate for irregularities in the ground, so I’m trying to get out and do more of that. Hence these pictures from yesterday’s walk, which wandered along one of my favourite trails (one of the narrow ones) and lasted almost an hour. I didn’t cover a LOT of territory, but hey, it was quality.

blurred dog on narrow trail
Fun! Fun! There’s snow! Fun!

Our Dog certainly thought so. He was delighted by the snow and as you can see it was hard to get him to hold still for a picture.

Well, maybe one.

handsome golden retriever on trail
What a perfect day for a walk!

* Who am I fooling? I limp.

Snow in the forecast

slough, ice, just a hint of sun on treetops
Yow! Chilly!

Snow is in the forecast for tonight, and then freezing rain, well, actually the forecasters are being a little vague. There’s precipitation coming into a cold front that’s been sitting over us, and then almost immediately it’s going to warm up, and who knows what will happen? seems to be the refrain.

I don’t have to drive anywhere tomorrow, so if it snows I’ll happily take pictures. But meanwhile, snow from a few days ago. These pictures of the slough on our property were taken early, before the sun had cleared the trees.

ice on slough, snowy reflections, golden reflection of treetops
A little more of that warm golden glow…
sky and cloud reflections in slough, snow on bushes
I love the colours of snow and cold sky.


Things in snow, from a distance

edging stones in snow

It snowed a bit a few days ago, and it’s been steadily below zero, so the snow hasn’t melted. Normally this would mean great excitement for me, and I’d be out there crawling around taking closeup pictures of Stuff In Snow. But one disadvantage of a broken foot and crutches is that it pretty well eliminates most crawling around. Getting down wouldn’t be hard, but getting back up again could be a bit more problematic. And I don’t fancy crawling across a cold, snowy and rather wet yard. So instead I’m taking shots from a standing position—well, let’s call it an aggressive but well-propped lean.

still-green plant plus fallen leaves in snow

Snow on stumps

snow around a few blades of grass on a stump

The first snow of the season arrived last night—not very much, but with enough of a storm to knock out our power for five and a half hours—and then the sun poked its head through this afternoon, so I went out and took some pictures.

"British soldier" lichens poking up through the snow

These little British soldier lichens look like a hopeless lot of recruits that got lost on maneuvers. Perhaps the sergeant is considering teaching them to build a snow cave.

Snow and rust

snow and rusted garden sculpture

(And then of course I had to think of something that could cope with being next to orange slime.)

I like my rural(ish) life, and I like taking pictures of nature. When I’m in the city for extended periods I tend to panic: Oh no! What can I take a picture of?

But of course the truth is that there’s just as much to photograph, it’s just a bit different.

This is a bit of snow on a bit of iron garden sculpture. Rust and snow look good together, don’t they?

Ice and snow—please?

leaf, grass, ice

This year all the forecasts I heard in the fall said that it was going to be a cold winter, with lots of rain. Somehow that hasn’t panned out quite as expected. We’ve had much less rain than usual, and it hasn’t been very cold—December saw all kinds of records for the highest temperature ever.

Well, I have to confess that I like snow better than rain, even if it does require shovelling. I spent formative years in the Northwest Territories, where snow was snow, not this slushy nonsense that you get on the southern coast of BC. Snow is pretty, and bright, and it makes me feel good, especially when I’m skiing on it. However, on the south coast where what falls from the sky is generally heavy wet snow, it’s a pain in the butt to drive on—it tends to be supersaturated and compacts into what is essentially ice in no time at all. So in deference to all those drivers—including me—I don’t pray for snow. (Well, maybe just for a little, just a foot and a half, over the holidays, with the proviso that it disappears after 3 days.)

On the other hand, I do pray for frosty days that produce ice on puddles. They’re wonderful to take pictures of. But this year there hasn’t even been much frost, and my puddle-pictures haven’t had a lot of range. The one above is one of only a few I’ve been able to take. It’s been disappointing, and kind of unnerving. Winter! Ice is supposed to be on puddles. The lilies are NOT supposed to be sprouting already. Having weather so warm at the end of December/beginning of January that I’ve seriously considered taking off my fleecy and walking in shirt sleeves is Just Wrong.

I don’t like it. I’ll defer the snow to higher elevations, but I want my ice.

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