But spring is here

pale lavender crocus buds

Spotted those little spikes yesterday in a neglected wilder part of the yard I hadn’t noticed spring flowers in before. Wonder what kind of crocus they’ll turn into?

Pink and white

bergenia flowers

Another photo taken earlier this spring, one of the many mystery plants that came with our place when we bought it. I believe it’s a bergenia.

The 707

trail in the 707 community park

The 707 Community Park is so-named because it’s 707 acres in size. All those acres include some lovely places to walk at this time of year. Gives a whole new meaning to the word lush.

Streambank springbeauty

closeup of Montia parvifolia flower

AKA small-leaved montia, Montia parvifolia when one is formally introduced. We have mats of this growing on one side of our property right now, though that’s not where I took these photos.

Montia flower shot from below

Montia parvifolia

Buck bean

Buck bean, Menyanthes trifoliata

This is one of my favourite plants in our pond—buck bean, Menyanthes trifoliata—and luckily it’s not only easy to grow but also apparently good for the pond. And the flowers, when you can get close enough to see the details, are so pretty.

buck bean flower

New greens

new fir needles 1

I like the way these fir needles are unfolding in such a dramatic sweep…

new fir needles 2

…and these just make me want to pet them.

First 2013 rhodos

pink rhododendron

I like taking pictures of rhododendrons. I expect I’ll take more. But these are the first this year.

orange rhododendron

It’s so convenient having a forest next to our yard when I want dramatic shots against dark backgrounds.

white rhododendrons

Birdie leaves

vvery new leaves on a maple

This is a photo from a couple of weeks ago when one of the maples in the front yard was just putting out new leaves. I was startled by how much the pairs with the sheathes looked like little birds, all alert and ready to fly.

First of the year

White fawn lilies (Erythronium oregonum)

Fawn lilies! (Erythronium oregonum)

White fawn lily closeup (Erythronium oregonum)

Oh, and then there was this sun-lover. We actually saw a couple of them along a short trail, making the most of the sun when it peeked out from behind clouds.

garter snake

Plum blossoms in rain

plum blossoms on a rainy day

I’m in major avoidance from work just now, looking for things to do that have nothing to do with what I actually need to do—hey! I know! I think I’ll post a picture!

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