worldpool: “A tiny nation of people began to take shape.”

My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft

“While we are gathered here today, a candle is being lit for Mats in a classroom in the Netherlands, a candle burns in a call centre in Ireland, in a library in Sweden there is a candle lit, he is remembered in a little beauty parlour in Finland, a municipal office in Denmark, many places in England. All over Europe, Mats is remembered by many morethan those who had the opportunity to come here today.

“I met Mats in a world where it doesn’t matter a bit who you are, what kind of body you have, or how you look in reality, behind the keyboard.

“There, what does matter is who you choose to be and how you conduct yourself towards others. What does matter is what is found here,” – Kai Simon laid his hand on his temple, “and here.” Kai Simon laid his hand on his heart.

From the world pool: February 1, 2019

Media in the news

This was an interesting week for quite a few tech companies, and it will be even more interesting to see the fallout, if any. I noticed this because I notice anything relating to Facebook and privacy. I detest Facebook on many levels and do not use it, for reasons relating to their handling of privacy and the fact that I think they are turning into a monopoly. It is possible that I am not entirely unbiased about them (ya think?), but honestly I think that my attitude is justified by their actions. Continue reading “From the world pool: February 1, 2019”

Oo, shiny!

When you see something new and cool does your monkey brain want to grab it? Or your inner jackdaw, or whatever it is? Mine does. But I think I must have at least two inner jackdaws, judging by my reactions recently, and they’re polar opposites in their desires.

Continue reading “Oo, shiny!”

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