path through snow

We’ve had rather a lot of it, haven’t we? Today it’s raining and the snow is super-saturated and heavy (this is the Voice of Experience speaking, as I went out and shovelled) and it’s altogether miserable and nasty. And yes, I know that it will melt, but it WILL MELT A LOT FASTER if one shovels. Continue reading “Weather”

January ice

ice on puddle

It’s been more cold than not for a month or so now, and that means ice on puddles. And I love taking pictures of ice. So here’s a start, from recent excursions.

ice on puddle

The ice is pretty thick; this chunk, tossed up previously from a puddle, is a couple of inches thick. (And today I caught Our Dog walking across the ice on the slough—argh.)

ice in water-filled bucket

You find interesting things in the woods sometimes; this bucket was left by someone working on an unofficial trail. As far as I could see the ice in it was solid all the way down.

ice on puddle

And it’s so varied, especially when we start getting a bit of hoarfrost.

ice on puddle

ice on puddle

ice on puddle



hoarfrost on cedar branch

We live in a dampish area, and if it gets cold there’s a section of our yard that tends to grow hoarfrost. Which it did over the past few days, very satisfactorily. These were taken yesterday—today it’s gone, alas.

hoarfrost hoarfrost on salal hoarfrost on salal hoarfrost on salal hoarfrost on log hoarfrost on log hoarfrost on log hoarfrost on pine needles hoarfrost on cedar branch hoarfrost on cedar branch hoarfrost

Happy New Year!

To celebrate, pictures of frost flowers from the last hike of 2015: proof that beauty can expand from the most ordinary beginnings.

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

frost flowers on wood

Frosty needles

And a few other things.

closeup of fir needles with melting ice drops 1

The dew on the needles had frozen overnight and was just starting to melt, so if I bumped into a tree I got showered in tiny ice pellets.

closeup of fir needles with melting ice drops 2closeup of fir needles with melting ice drops 3

There were also pretty stumps…

stump with plants and lichen

And broken trees…

split tree trunk

This broken tree trunk was so interesting I took a black and white picture too.

split tree trunk in black and white

An altogether satisfactory morning walk.

Winter hiking trails

hiking trail with small lake across it

Well, yes, actually, this is the trail.


And so is this. Winter hiking is when you find the weak points in your Goretex footwear liners.

dog chewing up old wood

Bonus photo: ah, the soothing quiet of the forest… but hark, what is that sound? Ah yes. The mobile mulcher eating another stick.

Frost flowers

frost flowers 1

They’ve been pretty spectacular lately. (Though not today; today it’s cold, it’s pouring with rain, and to be honest I’m avoiding excursions.)

frost flowers 2

frost flowers 3

frost flowers 4

Hard light

strong light/shade contrasts in ice patterns

I know spring is here—I’ve been taking pictures of the early flowers—but I’m not quite ready to give up on pictures of ice.

ice patterns
Like burnished metal
ice with dark streambed showing through
Almost like it’s flowing—but not quite
incredibly complex patterns on ice
I mean, how can you give up on something like this?

Ice lumps

ice lumps

I forgot to turn off the pond pump when it got really cold this winter. I did remember before any harm was done, but in the meantime—ice lumps where the pump spits water into the little “waterfall.” The pond water is very tannic, so some of the lumps have some interesting colour highlights.  Continue reading “Ice lumps”

Snow without destruction

snow on everything around pond

Thought I should post some pictures of less catastrophic things so that it’s clear it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

duck track on pond
Those would be duck tracks. It was just like watching wee icebreakers.
snow on snake fence
Snow on snake fencing is always pretty.
snowy trees framed by roof edge with snow hanging off it
Snow hanging from a roof can be pretty too, if a little more immediately threatening.
house surrounded by tall, snow-covered trees
This is why we were a little twitchy on Monday.



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